I do not have the time or do not even want to build my website, What can I do?

Simple, there are many people out there that will build you a web site at a reasonable price.Nexxterra has a great selection of "freelance" designers that have proved to us that they can care for the client in the same way we would.

Like any other service, you need to be careful, spend MORE time looking into the company and NOT just at their portfolio. Just today I was looking at 2 different designers web sites and BOTH had links to a photography web site they both claim to have designed and built, A quick phone call and I determined that the site was indeed built by only one of these firms.

Contact people in the "portfolio" and ask if they were happy. how long did it take? what company did their site? if you like the answers, Understand that the portfolio is what OTHER people wanted, just because you like what you see or even if you do not like any of the designs, talk to the designer and give them 3 or 4 web sites that you DO really like, tell them why and see what they can do for you.


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