What is a WebSite?

A web site is a group of files on a server on the Internet. This can be for business, entertainment or education. an example of a website would be this one, Nexxterra.com. single pages are called a web page. A web site is NOT the same as a domain name, think of the Domain name as the address to a vacant piece of land, and the web Host package as the size of this piece of land, Now your web site is like the house you build on this land, you can renovate, add on and if you find you have way more visitors than expected, then you can get "more land" or upgrade your hosting package., the only problem is your address, and the land is rented, These have to be paid for on an ongoing basis. You can move your address, and move your files somewhere else if you ever wish, but if you enjoy the neighbourhood, and the service is great, I would just stay put!

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