What is WebHosting?

Web Hosting is when you wish to have a web site but you either cant afford or may not know how to set up a special computer and software to make your site viewable to the public. Thats where companies like Nexxterra.com come in handy. we have state of the art computers called servers, designed to operate 24/7 year after year. These cost more than your home PC but we are able to "rent" a small portion to you and other customers to help divide the costs. This allows you to get on the Internet for pennies a day with no worries about equipment and software.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS UNLIMITED! Remember this when looking for a package, Price is important, but MOST companies only vary by 1$ or 2$ per month, so you need to base your decision on SERVICE, Narrow your search to a few hosts and then send off a letter to each ask why should I use your company? see how long they take to reply, but most importantly, what is the tone of the reply, is it friendly, does it sound like they want you as a customer etc.

Nexxterra, may take an extra hour to get back to you but our staff will always genuinely want to see you happy.


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