What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the ability for people to find your web site through the search engines by typing a simple "keyword" or search term. SEO is something you can do quite simply, but as with everything in life you need to learn a little first.

There are many things you can do to make your site "search engine friendly"

The first, have interesting and informative content on your site., search engines look at WORDS only and not how pretty your site is.

Next, page titles, page descriptions, and even the names of pictures on your site should contain information that applies to your site., each should be different as too many repeats and the search engines think you have many pages with the same stuff and so it must NOT be worth-wile sending people there, so you will NOT show until one of the very last pages!

Now, submit your site, You can go directly to the search engines and type in your information, or you can use a site submission service to do this for you.

Nexxterra.com provides this service FREE to their web hosting clients.

Submit your site also to on line directories, and directories that are specific to your industry. You can also go to forums, and chat sites and post helpful information, answer questions, and when you do be sure to try to include a link to your site.

IMPORTANT: Many companies will offer SEO services, and this can be a great value, But remember, with MILLIONS of sites just like yours, NOBODY, even GOOGLE or YAHOO can promise you first page ranking.

It is important to know that your site needs to be optimized to be found using Keywords that EVERYONE would use to find you, IE: photographers in Miami Beach, or web hosting in Florida., Anything too specific, and people would just type that directly in the address bar. IE: search for Nexxterra, or Nexxterra.com I will always be in the first page, the problem is this is NOT considered being "ranked on the first page"


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